Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Invites FLCCT to Speak

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The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) invited FLCCT to talk to their August meeting attendees about responsible money handling topics. Executive Director Lorraine Bier and board member Mike Cavazos spoke about the importance of saving, first to get an emergency fund, then to invest for a secure future. To finish the talk, there was a pop quiz on the 5 things that people can do to protect their credit scores. Do YOU know them all? Here they are…

    1) Pay On Time

You have to pay the bills, make sure they get there on time

    2) Pay Down Your Debt

Get room between your current debt level and your max

    3) Wait!

Over time, bad events will age out of the credit score formula

    4) Don’t Ask If You Don’t Need

Dont shop for credit or open accounts that you dont need
Note: If you car shop at different places, it will only count as one inquiry

    5) Have Different Accounts

Having several different types of credit, in good standing, helps too

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