In 1914, the Texas Agricultural Extension Office was created from the Smith-Lever Act.  This act was intended to help rural families help themselves by applying science to the daily routines of farming, homemaking, and family and community living. Originally, Ag Extension Agents helped people on the farm do things like rotate their crops and preserve foods safely. As people moved into cities, the Ag Agents moved with them.  These days, agents help urban gardeners combat their pests, diabetics manage their diets, and families stay within their budgets.

As the Texas population grew, the workload of the Ag Agents expanded, too. In order to meet Travis County’s needs, in 2001 the Travis County agent led 12 community leaders to create the Financial Literacy Coalition of Central Texas. It was formed in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with the vision “To be recognized as a trusted, unbiased, and credible source of personal financial information.”

Today the FLCCT is a smoothly functioning organization with a team of trained volunteer instructors. To date we have taught over 7,525 Central Texans how to develop a household budget, control excessive spending and debt, implement a savings and investment plan, purchase a home, and send a child to college.