Bingo! FLCCT Adds Financial Education to Austin Clubhouse’s Thursday Game

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As a special variation to the Austin Clubhouse‘s weekly bingo game, FLCCT led a financial literacy bingo variation, where players checked off financial terms on their bingo cards as they were called. The terms, common and unusual (‘taxes’, ‘velocity of money’)were given as they were called, providing a casual learning experience and sometimes sparking questions or discussion. Bingo winners received small money-oriented prizes, such as banks or coin purses, which added to the fun.

The Austin Clubhouse is a local group that works to help adults living with mental health diagnoses to play meaningful roles as co-workers, colleagues, family members and friends. The financial literacy bingo game coincided with the date of their annual luncheon. The clubhouse provides a structure for its members; daily routines are normalized and Clubhouse activities focus on vocational and social experiences. FLCCT is happy to have been included in their activities.

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