2016 Was Our Biggest Year Ever!

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President Rajeev Jain, treasurer Dodie Brown, Marketing Director Ericka Foster, Executive Director Lorraine Bier, Secretary Mike Cavazos

In 2016, FLCCT taught over 145 classes, with more than 1,200 people receiving practical personal financial information. We continue to successfully reach Greater Austin’s lower income and under-served communities. The average age student’s age was 33 and 3/4ths were women.

FLCCT asks for student feedback from every class we teach so we can understand how our students are learning. Our volunteer teachers received compliments and thanks throughout the year. Here are some of the comments we received:

Because of the “To Your Credit” class, I know to not get too many loans and if I do, make them small where I can pay them back. Age 23 high school graduate

It was so helpful to be able to participate in the credit card class. – Age 30, High School graduate

The most helpful part of the “Loan to Own” class was learning the difference between types of loans. I dont believe there was anything that wasn’t helpful. I will comparison shop from now on. -age 42, 9th grade

The “Charge It Right” class taught me what to do when my credit card is lost or stolen. I will not spend all my money when I earn it and I will keep credit cards in a safe place. Age 23, 11th grade

Some of the student surveys we’ve collected in 2016

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